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How Rehabilitation Services Help You Embrace Aging [Infographic]


Our bodies are constantly changing from the day we are born. The old adage goes that you can tell you’re getting older because you feel more aches and pains.While that may be true, there are daily activities we can do to sooth those aches and pains. With that in mind, we created this infographic to examine possible changes you may experience during the aging process. We also provide examples of how Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech Language Pathology  can increase the quality of life. This infographic also shares quick tips aimed at keeping the body limber and the mind … Continue reading

Evidence-Based Practice: A Primer to Help You Get Started

Source: University of Washington (http://libguides.hsl.washington.edu/content.php?pid=231619&sid=1931590)

Health care has seen a recent jump in interest around the subject of evidence-based practice, or EBP.  Necessity is the driving force behind this trend.  The US spends over twice as much as the average developed nation on health care, yet Americans don’t live any longer than our sister nations1. Now the people paying the bills – largely our government and private insurers – are starting to ask more questions and demand a better return on investment. The good news is that no one knows health care better than the people who practice it.  Clinicians have the training and experience … Continue reading

Treatment Principles – What the Evidence Suggests

Patty Scheets

It’s an exciting time in rehabilitation with a rapidly growing body of evidence from high quality research studies available to inform the specific clinical decisions we make every day. But it’s also an uncertain time in rehabilitation as we try to navigate a changing healthcare system and figure out how this new evidence applies to us. Let’s take a look at four intervention principles emerging from the literature and think about how we can tweak our current practice to get more out of each minute of rehabilitation. Use It or Lose It. Use It and Improve It. Movement patterns and … Continue reading

Director of Rehab Receives Department of Defense Patriot Award

department of defense

Here is some great news to share – Marta Szabo, Physical Therapist and Director of Rehab for Infinity Rehab at Mira Vista received the Department of Defense Patriot Award for her accommodation and support for her two staff members (Bethany Burden Watts & Pam Hobbs) who have spouses in the reserves and have recently been deployed to assignments on limited notice. The Department of Defense came on-site  to deliver the award to her. Marta has worked with both of these employees to balance the needs of the department and the employee’s needs to provide childcare while the spouse is away through … Continue reading

Adrienne Nova, PT, DPT Article Featured in APTA Publication

Congratulations to Adrienne Nova, PT, DPT on the recent publication of her article: In It For The Long Haul: What Being a Geriatric Rehab PT Has Taught Me About Marathon Training. Adrienne’s article was published in GeriNotes magazine, a publication of the American Physical Therapy Association’s Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy. Read Adrienne’s full article HERE. Adrienne is a physical therapist at the Terraces at Skyline in Seattle, WA.  Adrienne can be contacted for questions (and celebratory messages!) at aenova@infinityrehab.com ______________________________________________________________________ Derek Fenwick, PT, MBA, GCS is a physical therapist and board-certified geriatric clinical specialist. He develops leaders in healthcare … Continue reading

Bethany at Silver Lake Awards Infinity Rehab Therapist ‘Employee of The Month’

(L) Erin Carver, MS, CCC-SLP, DOR, (M) Kim Chandra, PTA, (R) Jerri Chesney, Assistant Director of Nursing

Kim Chandra, PTA, was recently awarded Employee of the Month by her peers at Bethany at Silver Lake – a post-acute rehabilitation center located in Everett, WA. According to Erin Carver, MS, CCC-SLP, Director of Rehabilitation for Bethany at Silver Lake, Kim goes above and beyond to enhance the life of every person she serves. So much so, that Kim’s name is frequently mentioned in patient satisfaction surveys. “Kim serves as my backup and she takes the responsibility very seriously,” says Erin. “It’s not uncommon that Kim will come in on days off to see patients — there have been … Continue reading