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Celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month With the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Since 1927, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association has celebrated Better Hearing and Speech Month each May to raise public awareness of speech and language disorders that affect 14 million Americans. Speech and language disorders can take many forms and can limit academic achievement, social adjustment, and career advancement. An individual may be born with a speech or language disorder, or it may be caused by accidental injury or illness. “Fortunately, most people with speech and language problems can be helped,” said Amy Uebelhoer, MS, CCC-SLP/L. “Even if the problem cannot be eliminated, we can teach people with speech and language problems … Continue reading

Advancing the Treatment Protocols of Obese Patients One Document at a Time

Infinity Rehab is proud to announce the latest addition to our clinical resources library: Bariatrics: Rehab Management of Obese Patients Treatment Protocol. Maxwell Perkins, OTR, Direct of Clinical Services and Jan Lee, PT, wrote this document over the course of 5 months; and their excellent work really shows. According to Perkins, “This Bariatrics protocol is one of the first documents in the country outlining how to care for and manage obese patients in a clinical setting.” The nearly 40 page protocol reviews general information about Bariatrics and obesity and provides detailed information related to the evaluation and treatment of obese … Continue reading

A Celebration of Nursing Home Residents and Staff: 2011 National Nursing Home Week


It’s National Nursing Home Week! The week of May 8th through the 14th this year is reserved for us to celebrate nursing home residents and staff. And this year’s theme is “Fulfilling the Promise.” This is how the American Health Care Association explains the theme: “”Fulfilling the Promise” means holistic care. This is seen when staff give comfort on difficult days, smile when sadness intrudes, hug when spirits sag, friendship to lighten a day, confidence when in doubt and companionship to counter fear and loneliness. “Fulfilling the Promise” produces meaningful, and most importantly, positive outcomes, satisfaction and an excellent working … Continue reading

A Day in the Life of…

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a co-worker would be like, what tasks fill their day, is it similar to mine? Well, this is exactly that – the life of a busy Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and Director of Rehab (DOR). SueAnne Wakeland has been a SLP and DOR for Infinity Rehab for the past three years in the Utah area. She has worked in a multitude of facilities for Infinity Rehab in Utah and also has provided SLP needs in Idaho facilities as well. Currently, SueAnne spends her busy days between Majestic Care and … Continue reading