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Therapy: Doing More with Less

Submitted by Leah Wilsey, PTA, DOR Oak Creek, Kimberly ID Living in the world where health care ‘budget cuts’ are the norm, how can we be creative and get our patients’ needs met with less resources? At our facility, we’ve been thinking outside the box: those who have practiced in the therapy fields for decades remember our therapy departments in the basements of hospitals or in the back room of a skilled nursing facility with very minimal equipment, yet still able to successfully assist our patients in their healing process. Here at Desert View, we have really been focusing on … Continue reading

Medbox Medication Assessment: Reducing Preventable ER Trips Through Patient Empowerment

According to a recent report from the National Center for Health Statistics, 40 percent of visits to the emergency room (ER) by nursing facility residents were “potentially preventable.” With a heightened focus on reducing those preventable trips to the ER, one area that comes under scrutiny is that of medication management. Self-administration of medication is an area that is frequently overlooked when attempting to reduce the amount of preventable trips to the ER. Often, elderly clients have several physicians and specialists who all have prescribed one or more medications to manage chronic conditions. Sometimes the sheer amount of medications can … Continue reading

Infinity Rehab/ North Lake PT Endurance Team – A Model of Wellness

Rehab Jersey

At the core of Infinity Rehab’s values is to improve the life of each patient we serve. Not only do our therapists strive to uphold that ideal everyday in practice, but they also tend to reflect the philosophy of betterment in their personal lives. At the beginning of 2011, Infinity Rehab teamed up with North Lake PT to form the Infinity Rehab/ North Lake PT Endurance Team. The goal of the team is to provide members with a social and educational environment to foster increased participation in competitive events while at the same time, provide education for safer and more … Continue reading

Staff from Sullivan Park Care Center are Recognized for Their Hard Work and Professionalism

Our therapists continually strive to improve the life of each and every patient we serve. From developing and implementing a plan of care, to ensuring the patient receives the highest quality of attention, self-care education, and goal attainment. It pleases us so much when we receive feedback from our patients and the families of the people we serve; letting us know that our hard work has not gone unnoticed. Below is an excerpt from a letter to the staff at Sullivan Park Care Center (located in Spokane, WA) from the daughter of a recent resident. We can’t thank you enough … Continue reading

Infinity Rehab Expands Into Three New States – Montana, Arizona, Nebraska

Due to a greater-than-ever demand for high quality rehab and management services, Infinity Rehab announces expansion into three new territories! Montana– Infinity Rehab contracted with Copper Ridge of Butte Montana to assist their program to reach further with clinical support, clinical intensity and marketing support. We welcome all the team members who have joined us in this transition. Arizona– We are working with Santé Partners out of Salem, OR to provide rehab services at their four, brand new, state of the art short stay rehab facilities. The first, Santé of Mesa, just opened and is in the process of becoming … Continue reading