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Lighting and the Elderly

The Aging Eye: How does vision change as one grows older? The human visual system deteriorates throughout adult life, which is quite normal. The visual system is often characterized as “young” until it reaches about 40 years of age. After that, normal changes may occur: Reduced accommodation (Presbyopia). This is the eye’s decreasing capacity to focus at close range. This process is continuous with aging. Reduced retinal illuminance: The retina receives less light as one ages because pupil size becomes smaller. It is estimated that for the same light level, a typical 60 year old receives about one-third the retinal … Continue reading

Derek Fenwick recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association as an Emerging Leader.

Derek Fenwick PT, MBA, Area Rehab Director for Infinity Rehab, was recently recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association as an Emerging Leader. Derek joined Infinity Rehab in May of 2010 to further enhance his ability to lead teams. Stacey Turner, MS-CCC-SLP his Regional Director of Operations reports- “Derek’s passion is contagious! He demonstrates clear vision and understands what success looks like and how to achieve it. In the short time that Derek has been with Infinity Rehab he has demonstrated the ability to communicate his vision as well as inspire other to do the same. Our team is fortunate … Continue reading

Keep Your Brain Alive

The past 10 years have changed the way we think about neural plasticity- once we regarded brain neuronal function as static and set, now we realize that what is “static and set” might in fact be us, and our routines! One of the fastest growing areas of concern for aging baby-boomers is maintaining mental acuity and attention span. To aging boomers and our older adults, here are a few exercises to challenge you and stimulate interconnectivity in your brains! The following are “neurobic exercises” that are put forth by the authors above to “help prevent memory loss and increase mental … Continue reading


Rose Villa Senior Living is delighted to be working with Infinity Rehab. Therapists, Jill, Lyn, and Jessica, serve the needs of the residents through collaboration with the staff members in our community. Therapy participation in the Transitions Meeting, Daily Stand Up, and Culture Change Committee brings invaluable insight to our team. They gather information from direct caregivers, and educate them, in return, to the benefit of residents. The partnership with the Rose Villa Restorative Aide is strong and extends the value of therapy for residents. All the therapists are sensitive to the needs of the residents, respecting their rest and … Continue reading

Advice for a New Grad Therapist: Tips from Infinity Therapists

Infinity Rehab Therapists share their insight and experience with new grads to the profession. Listen in: I think the single best piece of advice would be “to start developing their ability to document skilled services now.” Learn from those who do it well and learn from those who do not to see the difference. This is probably one of the most important skills they need to learn in today’s therapy fields. Scott Newman I’m not sure I can narrow my answer to just ONE piece of advice. First, make sure to spend time working with and observing as many different … Continue reading

Letter from a Former Employee

Hi Bob and Mike, As you may know, today is my last day with Infinity Rehab. My husband is graduating from business school and we anxiously await to see what the future holds (a return to DC? A stay in Chicago? A move to the west coast?). I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to work with Carla Duyar. She was a welcomed role model of ethics and an always approachable and hugely supportive Area Director through my time with Infinity Rehab. I am especially sad to end my time with Infinity. This is the first company where I felt saddened … Continue reading

Fallproofâ„¢ Balance and Mobility Specialist Instructor

We are pleased to congratulate Wendy Jones, PT, on earning her specialty certification for fall prevention. She completed a course in California which certified her as a Fallproofâ„¢ Balance and Mobility Specialist Instructor. The Fallproofâ„¢ course is designed to provide physical activity instructors and health care professionals with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to implement an evidence-based balance and mobility training program for older adults at moderate-to-high risk for falls in community and residential care settings. The Fallproofâ„¢ Balance & Mobility Specialist Instructor Certificate Program is the first program of its kind to be offered in the U.S. Be … Continue reading