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Advice for a New Grad Therapist: Tips from Infinity Therapists

Infinity Rehab Therapists share their insight and experience with new grads to the profession. Listen in: I think the single best piece of advice would be “to start developing their ability to document skilled services now.” Learn from those who do it well and learn from those who do not to see the difference. This is probably one of the most important skills they need to learn in today’s therapy fields. Scott Newman I’m not sure I can narrow my answer to just ONE piece of advice. First, make sure to spend time working with and observing as many different … Continue reading

Letter from a Former Employee

Hi Bob and Mike, As you may know, today is my last day with Infinity Rehab. My husband is graduating from business school and we anxiously await to see what the future holds (a return to DC? A stay in Chicago? A move to the west coast?). I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to work with Carla Duyar. She was a welcomed role model of ethics and an always approachable and hugely supportive Area Director through my time with Infinity Rehab. I am especially sad to end my time with Infinity. This is the first company where I felt saddened … Continue reading

Fallproofâ„¢ Balance and Mobility Specialist Instructor

We are pleased to congratulate Wendy Jones, PT, on earning her specialty certification for fall prevention. She completed a course in California which certified her as a Fallproofâ„¢ Balance and Mobility Specialist Instructor. The Fallproofâ„¢ course is designed to provide physical activity instructors and health care professionals with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to implement an evidence-based balance and mobility training program for older adults at moderate-to-high risk for falls in community and residential care settings. The Fallproofâ„¢ Balance & Mobility Specialist Instructor Certificate Program is the first program of its kind to be offered in the U.S. Be … Continue reading

Letter from an Employee

Hi. My name is Alissa Ferguson, and I’m a Therapy Aide for Infinity Rehab at Sullivan Park Care Center. I’d like to share with you what it is like working with Infinity Rehab: It is a special rarity and privilege to look forward to work every morning, and even rarer still to be part of a truly progressive and thriving work community. That is exactly the experience I have enjoyed since being hired at Infinity Rehab. Uniquely set apart with its impeccable quality, efficiency, and value system, I consider it the highest honor to belong to a company of Infinity’s … Continue reading

Successful Aging

Residents showing their muscles while posing for a photo

Sometimes age succeeds, sometimes it fails. It depends on you. ~Ravensara Noite Indeed, seniors are showing that modifying their behavior can greatly impact the effects of aging. New studies on aging suggest that seniors who stay active both physically and socially live up to 20% longer. “When people hear these statistics, they are really surprised,” said Wendy Jones, an Infinity Rehab physical therapist who serves as an outpatient rehab coordinator at The Springs at Tanasbourne. “They don’t realize that staying active is only part of the key to successful aging. Social life plays a huge part in how people age.” … Continue reading

Infinity Rehab Expands Regional Leadership with Three Promotions and Two New Hires

We’re excited to announce three promotions and welcome two new members to the Infinity Rehab team. Carolyn Staples was promoted to the position of area rehab director in Washington. Stacey Turner was named the regional director of operations of Oregon, Utah, southern Idaho and Colorado. JoLynn Munro is now the regional director of operations of Washington, Alaska, Illinois and northern Idaho. We’ve also just hired two Oregon area rehab directors: Sean Luzania and Derek Fenwick. “Infinity Rehab is in an exciting growth phase which opens up many opportunities within our company,” said Michael Billings, president of Infinity Rehab. “We’re excited … Continue reading