Building a Better Rehab Program with Infinity Plus Consulting

Infinity Rehab recognizes that some aging adult care facilities favor in-house therapy departments for a variety of reasons. And those reasons are valid, but with the most important revenue source in a skilled nursing facility, are you taking chances with your program? Many of our consulting clients want a strong, successful rehab program, but also understand it takes specialiman giving women advice zed, up-to-date knowledge to implement current practices and regulations.

  • Are there hidden costs and inefficiencies that your tracking systems don’t capture?
  • Are the services comprehensive, or are they limited by knowledge or staffing challenges?
  • Do you have specialists in rehab for frail older adults?
  • Do you provide continuing educational opportunities so the scope of practice does not become narrow over time?
  • What is the growth plan for your rehab department?
  • Are the clinical and operational functions of your department in compliance with state and federal regulations?
  • What would be the impact of changing state practice acts or payor requirements?
  • Could you be a target for an audit of your Medicare program because of current therapy practice?
  • How quickly can you fill open Rehab positions – and how does that affect the care you deliver?

Infinity Rehab can help you answer these questions and provide the solutions that will take your rehabilitation program to the next level.

Actual Customer Results

Facility Profile

  • 102 beds
  • In-house therapy program

The Situation:

New Rehab Director with no prior PPS or management experience.

The Result:

  • Rehab efficiency moved from 45% to 80%
  • Four new leading edge modality programs
  • Higher clinical intensity and broader scope of practice
  • Increased services to long-term care population

The Solution:

Working with Infinity Rehab helped the facility train a new therapy program manager, develop tracking and monitoring systems, and advance to goals previously unreachable.

The Benefits:

  • Higher level of training for staff and management
  • Increased therapy revenue while maintaining cost basis
  • Accountability toward complex operational factors

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