Our employees love working for Infinity Rehab. Hear why straight from our employees.


The company on the whole has a great vision and I am glad to be a part of it.
Great benefits and in the know on the healthcare changes
Great company and super forward-thinking.
I believe in the vision and they are staying current with the dynamic changes in healthcare.
Infinity is led by therapists who are looking forward to succeeding in the new healthcare environment.
Good leadership and vision
Infinity Rehab is a leader in the ever-changing Health Care and Rehab Community which helps it’s employees to make these changes through information sharing and continuing education.
All companies have their issues. Infinity works hard to attempt to balance new healthcare changes/ growth of the company while keeping out patients in mind.
pro-active in upcoming industry changes, pay/benefits, support for clinicians, continuing education opportunities including symposium and CEU360, follow-up with updates to documentation expectations etc.
I appreciate the company’s commitment to being on the leading edge of change in the health care system and to continuing education. I feel like there are opportunities for career growth should one choose to pursue them.
Company Values are focused, attainable and Infinity year after year are the leading edge of making us a better company.
Good direction of the company, love the symposium idea.
It’s a good company. You do have to be a quick study however, to keep up with the demands of the work in a continuously changing environment.
I feel that Infinity has a great support in place for new therapists and is always seeking ways to stay on the cutting edge of healthcare evolution.
I feel respected and well paid.Infinity has a clear vision of where it is to go.
I think Infinity stays on the forefront of all the new Medicare changes and does a great job with informing the employees (with the exception of PRN therapists). I truly believe our upper management cares about the employees and has a great vision for Infinity as well as always wanting to make improvements.
I feel as though the leadership has our best interests in mind and they do a great job staying on top of all the changes constantly occurring in healthcare.
Proactive not reactive in regards to the changes coming from CMS and ACOs.
Infinity rehab is very progressive in a rapidly changing health care environment. I feel it is a secure place to work and will be around for a long time.
Doing right for the right reasons. Actively preparing to be successful in the future health care system.