Introducing Infinity Rehab’s Clinical Champions Program!

The Clinical Champions Program is Infinity Rehab’s professional development advancement program that focuses on identifying and developing the clinical behaviors that are essential for effective clinical practice at Infinity Rehab.

The Clinical Champions program has three main goals:

green-starTo help every Infinity clinician understand the core behaviors that we consider to be essential practices to deliver high-quality patient care.

green-starTo provide a roadmap for everyone to advance his or her own skills toward higher levels of expertise in those areas.

green-starTo serve as a structure for the effective rollout of patient care improvement programs for the company.

Clinician practice is measured in each of five areas across three levels of progressive excellence, providing a clear framework for every Infinity clinician to advance to his or her development within the company. View the Clinical Champions Program Overview Guidebook and Tracking Worksheet for details.

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Meet Our Clinical Champions

green-starLevel 1 behaviors are considered essential actions for producing outstanding patient care outcomes and required for all clinicians.
green-starLevel 2 & Level 3 are voluntary levels that are designed to be challenging and are paired with increased incentives and opportunities.