take-actionDear NASL Advocate,
Congress is working to address many priorities including tax reform, continuing resolutions, funding for 2018, CHIP reauthorization, and the so-called Medicare “Extenders Package” that will contain the Therapy Cap repeal and related provisions.  The situation is fluid with Congress identifying and negotiating offsets, or other policies to pay for these priorities.  NASL is now hearing that it is possible the Medicare “Extenders Package” may not be taken up by Congress prior to December 31st.  The current exceptions process runs through December 31, 2017.  This could mean that Congressional action on the Therapy Caps does not take place until January after Congress returns from the holidays.  As a result, the Therapy Caps would go into place beginning January 1, 2018, putting some therapy patients in jeopardy of needing necessary therapy above the cap of $2,010 with no exceptions process.
NASL and the Therapy Cap Coalition sent a letter this morning imploring Congress to act to repeal the cap by the end of the year – or at least extend the exceptions process a couple more weeks.  Now, we need you to email your representatives again and ask that they encourage their leadership to act on the Therapy Cap repeal before December 31st so that Medicare beneficiaries are not subject to the Therapy Cap on January 1st.  

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