The comment below is from a recent employee survey.
“Infinity Rehab provides a workplace environment where patient care and positive clinical outcomes remain a priority even in the midst of continued changes in the Medicare System. I have not felt that patient care or treatment has ever been InfinityRehabNewcompromised in order to achieve greater fiscal gains.
Employees also have numerous opportunities for growth and development because of the many CEU (Continuing Education) courses, webinars, and other training programs that Infinity offers.
My workplace environment is professional, yet fun. I feel valued as both an employee and as a person by my DOR (Director of Rehab). All team members put patient care as their absolute priority and interdisciplinary communication within our department is ongoing and beneficial.
As a whole, I have been very satisfied as an Infinity Rehab Therapist and I am confident that my DOR recognizes that I bring 15(+) years of clinical experience as well as over 5 years of management experience to our department. I have been able to use my knowledge and expertise in ways that continue to challenge me as a clinician and, in turn, promote my growth as a therapist and as an employee.”

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