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Infinity Rehab Director Featured on EDEN Alternative Blog

Ty Keeter, PT, DPT, MHA and Area Rehab Director for Infinity Rehab was recently featured on the ChangingAging.org blog. Ty shares his thoughts on 10 ways clinicians and care practitioners can position patients at the center of every process and decision. Follow the link to read Ty’s wonderful article: http://changingaging.org/edenaltblog/tyler-keeter-guest-blogs-the-patient-centered-medicare-meeting/#more-2556

Encouraging Older Adults to Stay Active, Healthy, and Engaged

active aging week

Active Aging Week, which is organized by the International Council on Active Aging, took place across the nation during September 23-27. This event is a time to to highlight the diverse opportunities for older adults to stay active, healthy, and engaged in a fun and educational atmosphere. The theme this year was ‘Discover your Community.’ How Infinity Rehab participated in this terrific event: 1.     Organized a group walk with residents to the local Starbucks where all received a free cup of java. The walk included crossing a busy intersection at a traffic light – so the therapist was able to … Continue reading

Role of Therapy Professional in Person Directed Care – Eden Alternative

The Eden Alternative is a small not-for-profit organization that supports the Culture Change movement in various settings that are homes to elders. It is based on the core belief that aging should be a continued stage of development and growth rather than a period of decline. Since 2009, Tyler Keeter, PT, DPT, a Certified Eden Associate and Area Rehab Director for Infinity Rehab, has worked to integrate Eden’s principles into Infinity’s therapy operations. The work has led to various principles and trainings for Skilled Nursing Facility therapists, most of which are detailed in Eden’s recently published “Role of Therapy Professional … Continue reading

Cognitive Rehabilitation and Aging

Today’s blog article comes from the desk of Barb Gabriel-Conley, MS CCC/SLP. Ms. Gabriel-Conley is a speech language pathologist, specializing in the treatment of memory and cognitive disorders at Santé of Chandler. Santé of Chandler proudly provides short-term inpatient rehabilitation care for the Chandler, AZ community.   “There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.” — Sophia Loren Ahh the golden years! Those years where life is supposed to … Continue reading

Bring on the Green! Horticulture and Therapy. Part II: Ideas Abloom

Today’s blog is a continuation from last weeks Bring on the Green! Horticulture and Therapy. Cathi Lamoreux, CCC/SLP – an Infinity Rehab Director of Rehab – oversees rehabilitation services for several therapy departments in the Spokane, WA area. Cathi also has a certificate in Horticultural Therapy and is always finding ways to integrate creative therapy techniques to better suit individual patients. Recently, she has introduced horticulture into her sessions. It isn’t really hard to figure out how to incorporate healthy gardening and nature activities into your practice. As with any activity, the hard part is often the prep prior to … Continue reading

Michael Billings earns certification as an Exercise Expert for Aging Adults

Michael Billings, PT, MS, President of Infinity Rehab, recently earned certification as an Exercise Expert for Aging Adults (CEEAA) The training to earn this certification was comprised of 3 weekend courses with a written exam after each session, and one final lab practical exam. The course is completely evidence-based, drawn on the latest research in physiology and interventions for the aging adult. According to Mike, “by 2030 there will be an estimated 70 million persons in the US 65+ year of age, many with some sort of chronic disease. 23% of deaths from the leading chronic diseases are from sedentary … Continue reading

Lighting and the Elderly

The Aging Eye: How does vision change as one grows older? The human visual system deteriorates throughout adult life, which is quite normal. The visual system is often characterized as “young” until it reaches about 40 years of age. After that, normal changes may occur: Reduced accommodation (Presbyopia). This is the eye’s decreasing capacity to focus at close range. This process is continuous with aging. Reduced retinal illuminance: The retina receives less light as one ages because pupil size becomes smaller. It is estimated that for the same light level, a typical 60 year old receives about one-third the retinal … Continue reading