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Evidence-Based Practice: A Primer to Help You Get Started

Source: University of Washington (http://libguides.hsl.washington.edu/content.php?pid=231619&sid=1931590)

Health care has seen a recent jump in interest around the subject of evidence-based practice, or EBP.  Necessity is the driving force behind this trend.  The US spends over twice as much as the average developed nation on health care, yet Americans don’t live any longer than our sister nations1. Now the people paying the bills – largely our government and private insurers – are starting to ask more questions and demand a better return on investment. The good news is that no one knows health care better than the people who practice it.  Clinicians have the training and experience … Continue reading

Wheelchair Screening – Kyphosis, Kypholordosis, and the Flexicurve Ruler (pt. 3)

Kypholordosis includes curving of the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae.

In the third part of our wheelchair assessment series, we look at accommodating and measuring thoracic kyphosis – including a tool that is invaluable to the documentation process. Earlier this year, we looked at identifying seating and positioning needs (Part 1), as well as how to measure for a wheelchair (Part 2). Assessing and Accommodating Kyphosis Kyphosis is an over-curvature of the thoracic spine (middle segment of the vertebral column) which can lead to discomfort or complete debilitation. Similarly, kypholordosis is the curving of both the thoracic and the lumbar (lower) spine. Fortunately, simple adjustments for patients in wheelchairs can lead to … Continue reading

Spotlight on Tyler Keeter, PT, ARD

“Keep the therapists consistent at each building and provide continuity of care for our customers.” Tyler Keeter, Area Rehab Director (ARD) for Colorado and Nebraska, has attributed those two ideals to the success of Infinity Rehab at our Colorado facilities. As the ARD, Tyler managed the clinical aspect of the expansion of Infinity Rehab into the Colorado region in 2009. Infinity Rehab began providing therapy services in 2009 to three Continuing Care Retirement Communities in Colorado. Over the next three years, Infinity’s services in the area grew to encompass four additional CCRCs and four Rehab Agencies. “The Directors of Rehab … Continue reading

Infinity Rehab Continues its Commitment to Student Therapists Across the Country

Physical Therapist assisting resident with arm strengthening exercises using a band

Infinity Rehab accepted over 120 students in six states this year for clinical internships! Maxwell Perkins, MS, OTR, Director of Clinical Services, says this speaks volumes about Infinity Rehab’s commitment to our therapists and their education. “Continuing education for our therapists is a cornerstone to how Infinity Rehab operates. Student internships are the beginning of that high level of professional education we provide.” Infinity Rehab has contracts with approximately 75 universities throughout the U.S. These clinical internships include PT, OT, PTA, OTA and SLP. We offer skilled nursing and rehab clinical internships as well as outpatient – all targeted at … Continue reading