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Social Media in Health Care: Make it Work for You


“What do you think about health care professionals using social media?”   I hear discussion about this question often.  Opinions are wide-ranging, as are the statements in support and against health care professionals embracing social media. I’ve integrated social media into my personal and professional life gradually over the last five years.  I keep my LinkedIn profile up-to-date, I explore Facebook for a few minutes each day, and I’m closing in on 2,000 Tweets.  In the diffusion of innovation curve, I land as an Early Majority adopter on most innovation items.  This was the case for my social media experience. … Continue reading

Leader vs. Manager: Which are you?

Five key questions for health care leaders The health care industry is in constant transition. Transition requires movement, and movement requires direction.  As practitioners in a dynamic sector like health care, it becomes easy for managers making decisions to spread energy in multiple directions, create a feeling of progress without any results.  Effective leaders can make a significant difference in these moments. Clinicians are primed to be effective leaders.  Our education trains us to think problems through and find the root cause.  We spend a lot of time interacting with people.  We practice communication constantly.  We judge our impact by … Continue reading