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The Patient-Centered Medicare Meeting: Empowering the Patient

Person-directed care

  Imagine that you are a new short-term guest in a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) for rehabilitation and nursing services. After you move in, you go through the admission process. It includes  a lot of information, some of which you may or may not eventually recall; you are just happy to be out of the hospital and in your own clothes. Over the next few days, you go through the various introductory interviews with the SNF staff, including the dietician, social worker, therapists, and nurses. Many of these people ask you the same questions, leading you to wonder, “Are these … Continue reading

Infinity Rehab Clinicians Present at Colorado Health Care Association Annual Convention

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On September 18, 2013, four clinicians from Infinity Rehab presented at the 50th Annual Colorado Health Care Association and Center for Assisted Living Convention and Exposition. Their topic covered integrating person-directed culture and principles into post-acute settings. Specifically focusing on the wants, needs, and preferences of the individual. Read more below: Integrating Person-Directed Culture & Principles into the Rehabilitation Systems for the Post-Acute Client & Nursing Home Resident Presenters from Infinity Rehab Tyler Keeter, P.T., D.P.T., M.H.A. Julianne Cooper, O.T.R. Jennifer Lo, O.T.R. Greg Young, P.T., O.C.S. Person-directed principles revolve around the wants, needs, and preferences of the individual in … Continue reading

Transitional Rehabilitation Program at Christian Health Care Center Featured in Lynden Tribune


LYNDEN – The Christian Health Care Center has partnered with health Ministries Network, an extension of PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center, to provide complimentary healthcare support to senior citizens recovering from injury or illness. Representatives of both organizations worked together to develop the customized care transition program that helps patients return home as safely as possible after receiving medical treatment. The new program is modeled on the work of Dr. Eric Coleman, professor of medicine at the University of Colorado. “Studies have shown that providing additional support during transition times can reduce the chances of re-injury and re-admittance to the … Continue reading

Spotlight on Tyler Keeter, PT, ARD

“Keep the therapists consistent at each building and provide continuity of care for our customers.” Tyler Keeter, Area Rehab Director (ARD) for Colorado and Nebraska, has attributed those two ideals to the success of Infinity Rehab at our Colorado facilities. As the ARD, Tyler managed the clinical aspect of the expansion of Infinity Rehab into the Colorado region in 2009. Infinity Rehab began providing therapy services in 2009 to three Continuing Care Retirement Communities in Colorado. Over the next three years, Infinity’s services in the area grew to encompass four additional CCRCs and four Rehab Agencies. “The Directors of Rehab … Continue reading

The Alter G and Infinity Rehab in the News

Christian Living Communities, an Infinity Rehab partner in Denver Colorado, recently decided to purchase the Alter G anti-gravity treadmill machine for two of their post-acute care rehab communities. One of the communities, Clermont Park, was featured in a local television news story – along with the Director of Rehab, Julianne Cooper! This is a fantastic example of how new technology can be marketed in the community. We are already seeing a number of clinical benefits with the Alter G and, at Clermont Park especially, we have seen a rise in Med A rehab admissions partly due to the advanced technology … Continue reading

Note from Johnson Center Family

We recently received the following letter of appreciation from a family member from a facility we serve: Dear Staff of The Johnson Center, I live in Florida but was in Denver in early November to visit my mother. I had the opportunity to see her when she was working with the occupational, speech and physical therapists. I was so impressed with their patience and kindness with my mother. They each showed concern for her during her therapies. She is very short of breath and each therapy was difficult for her. Each therapist encouraged my mother to do her best. I … Continue reading