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6 Simple Exercise Tips for a Heart-Healthy Life


Greetings, February is officially American Heart Month. This is an opportunity to educate our families, friends, patients, and communities on how to live heart-healthy lives and how to battle cardiovascular disease. Heart disease, including stroke, is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States, claiming more than 865,00 American lives each year. The good news is that as therapists we have in our power the ability to prescribe the most powerful medication in existence to fight cardiovascular disease: Exercise. If exercise could be reduced to a pill, it would become the most prescribed medication in … Continue reading

Medbox Medication Assessment: Reducing Preventable ER Trips Through Patient Empowerment

According to a recent report from the National Center for Health Statistics, 40 percent of visits to the emergency room (ER) by nursing facility residents were “potentially preventable.” With a heightened focus on reducing those preventable trips to the ER, one area that comes under scrutiny is that of medication management. Self-administration of medication is an area that is frequently overlooked when attempting to reduce the amount of preventable trips to the ER. Often, elderly clients have several physicians and specialists who all have prescribed one or more medications to manage chronic conditions. Sometimes the sheer amount of medications can … Continue reading