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Wheelchair Screening – Kyphosis, Kypholordosis, and the Flexicurve Ruler (pt. 3)

Kypholordosis includes curving of the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae.

In the third part of our wheelchair assessment series, we look at accommodating and measuring thoracic kyphosis – including a tool that is invaluable to the documentation process. Earlier this year, we looked at identifying seating and positioning needs (Part 1), as well as how to measure for a wheelchair (Part 2). Assessing and Accommodating Kyphosis Kyphosis is an over-curvature of the thoracic spine (middle segment of the vertebral column) which can lead to discomfort or complete debilitation. Similarly, kypholordosis is the curving of both the thoracic and the lumbar (lower) spine. Fortunately, simple adjustments for patients in wheelchairs can lead to … Continue reading

2013 Government Shutdown: Effects on Senior Services and Therapists

Congress failed to pass a 2014 spending measure by midnight on Sept. 30, so a partial federal shutdown began at midnight on Oct. 1 and it will last until a spending bill is enacted. The government shutdown won’t have much impact on therapists and their daily care of patients. Medicare Administrative Contractors will continue to perform all functions related to Medicare fee-for-service claims processing and payment.  However, a prolonged shutdown could have an impact on this. LeadingAge has a great rundown on how the shutdown will effect senior healthcare services. Here are the points that relate directly to senior health … Continue reading

Wheelchair Screening: How to Make Changes (pt. 2)

In the previous article – Screening for Wheelchair Seating and Positioning Needs – we identified individuals that could benefit from a change in their wheelchair seating system. There are several choices for a replacement wheelchair: Change to a facility owned unit Private pay option Request for a specialized wheelchair seating system through the Department of Social and Health Services Before you order a new chair, you need to determine why the current seating system is not working for the individual. Most facility owned wheelchairs are a sling seat-back style of wheelchair. This type of wheelchair is not designed for long-term, … Continue reading

Screening for Wheelchair Seating and Positioning Needs (pt. 1)

Therapist running patient through new drills using dumbells.

This article is an introduction to the process of screening those long-term care individuals in our facilities that may benefit from a more personalized wheelchair seating system. You don’t have to be a wheelchair expert to determine when there is a need for better seating and positioning. As therapists, we are the best eyes in our facilities as we walk the halls numerous times a day to attend to our next patient. We have all seen the patients/residents who are leaning to one side with an upper extremity either hanging over the armrest or trapped between the armrest and their … Continue reading

Role of Therapy Professional in Person Directed Care – Eden Alternative

The Eden Alternative is a small not-for-profit organization that supports the Culture Change movement in various settings that are homes to elders. It is based on the core belief that aging should be a continued stage of development and growth rather than a period of decline. Since 2009, Tyler Keeter, PT, DPT, a Certified Eden Associate and Area Rehab Director for Infinity Rehab, has worked to integrate Eden’s principles into Infinity’s therapy operations. The work has led to various principles and trainings for Skilled Nursing Facility therapists, most of which are detailed in Eden’s recently published “Role of Therapy Professional … Continue reading

Transitional Rehabilitation Program at Christian Health Care Center Featured in Lynden Tribune


LYNDEN – The Christian Health Care Center has partnered with health Ministries Network, an extension of PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center, to provide complimentary healthcare support to senior citizens recovering from injury or illness. Representatives of both organizations worked together to develop the customized care transition program that helps patients return home as safely as possible after receiving medical treatment. The new program is modeled on the work of Dr. Eric Coleman, professor of medicine at the University of Colorado. “Studies have shown that providing additional support during transition times can reduce the chances of re-injury and re-admittance to the … Continue reading

Bring on the Green! Horticulture and Therapy. Part II: Ideas Abloom

Today’s blog is a continuation from last weeks Bring on the Green! Horticulture and Therapy. Cathi Lamoreux, CCC/SLP – an Infinity Rehab Director of Rehab – oversees rehabilitation services for several therapy departments in the Spokane, WA area. Cathi also has a certificate in Horticultural Therapy and is always finding ways to integrate creative therapy techniques to better suit individual patients. Recently, she has introduced horticulture into her sessions. It isn’t really hard to figure out how to incorporate healthy gardening and nature activities into your practice. As with any activity, the hard part is often the prep prior to … Continue reading